Demonix Club of Dance : Learn Dance – The art of motion

i. Concept : Dance has a culture of its own yet it is a part of every culture, because it is a form emotional expression and social interaction. Dance is mostly associated with the youth, because this generation can dance on any tune or on any occasion. Keeping this in mind, Renaissance designed this club so that the students can tap on their energies and correctly pursue this hobby of theirs into a fruitful career. We also have student experts in Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Biboing, Jazz etc.

ii. Accomplishments : As a pioneer in alkways supporting its students to exercise their passion, Renaissance recently came out with Renaissance Bash Club, that allows the dancers to rock the floor and come out with their own tailored dance forms. We have organised workshops on basics of robotics and classical dance forms.

iii. Aspirations : Under the umbrella of this club, Renaissance has tried to give a stage to these little dancers. The club has done several activities by now and is ready to rock the city with lot more events, swinging in the pipeline.

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