Roman Polanski Club of Short Film Making

Roman Polanski Club of Short Film Making : Study the craft of film-making in an intensive environment

i. Concept : A combination of good ideas and creative content results in the creation of a gripping short film. Renaissance has come up with a club, which is especially designed for the aspiring film directors and producers by the name of Roman Polanski, a reputed and marvelous film maker. But then this is not everyone’s cup of tea. Making a short film is intellectual and time consuming endeavor. It sets a passage for becoming a future film maker. The purpose of this club is to make the students learn this art and climb the career ladder in this grand world of film making.

ii. Accomplishments : Under this club, the tips and tricks of film making are taught to the students. Workshops are conducted by partisans of this field to orient our young directors towards nuances of cinematography, script writing and camera handling.

iii. Aspirations : We plan to train the budding film makers for future and add one more career option to their umbrella.

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