RCCM Teaching Staff

pushpendra jain

Dr. Pushpendra Jain

Qualification : Ph.D. (Commerce), MBA (Finance), M.Com, B.Com.
Exp : 13 years
Subjects : Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Principles of Management, Entrepreneurship

Dr. Rajesh Shroff

Qualification : Ph.D. (Commerce), M.Phil. (Commerce), MBA (Finance), M.Com, B.Com.
Exp : 25 years
Subjects : Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting
Anu Nair

Prof. Anu Nair

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Mass Comm.), MBA (Media Management), BA (Hons.) MC
Exp : 7 years
Subjects : English, Editing, Reporting, Advertising, Public Relations
Manvi Sood

Prof. Manvi Sood

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Mgt), MBA (IB), BBA (FT)
Exp : 6 years
Subjects : International Business, Foreign Trade, Economics, International Finance, Public Administration
Nidhi Sethi

Dr. Nidhi Sethi

Qualification : Ph.D. (Computer Science), MCA., B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Exp : 16 years
Subjects : PC Software, Information Technology, Web Designing, Internet and E-Commerce
Harsha Dudhoria Surana

Prof. Harsha Dudhoria Surana

Qualification : NET (Mgt), Pursuing Ph.D., M.Phil (OR), M.Sc.( OR), B.Sc (H)Maths
Exp : 4.5 Years
Subjects : Operations Research, Statistics, Mathematics, Research Methodology
Urvashi Munjar

Prof. Urvashi Munjar

Qualification : NET (Mgt), Pursuing Ph.D. (Mgt), MBA (HR), BBA
Exp : 5 years
Subjects : Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Principles of management, Operations Management

Dr. Rupesh Kumbhaj

Qualification : Ph.D. (Commerce), M.Com., B.Com.
Exp : 13 years
Subjects : Income Tax, Financial Accounting

Dr. Sneha Sharma

Qualification : Ph.D. (Media Management), M.Sc. (Electronic Media), B.Sc. (Electronic Media)
Exp : 6 years
Subject : Introduction to Mass Comm.
Yuvraj Kumbhaj

Dr. Yuvraj Kumbhaj

Qualification : Ph.D. (Commerce), M.Com., B.Com.
Exp : 12 years
Subject : Financial Accounting
Priti Sudarshan

Dr. Priti Sudarshan

Qualification : Ph.D. (Commerce),  M. Phil. (Commerce), PGDCA, M.Com., B.Com
Exp : 20 years
Subjects : Banking & Insurance, Indian Company Act, Auditing, Business Law
Meghana Raikar

Dr. Meghana Raikar

Qualification : Ph.D. (English Literature), MA (Eng), B.H.Sc.
Exp : 3 years
Subjects : English Communication, Managerial Skills
Uttama Mishra

Dr. Uttama Mishra

Qualification : Ph.D. (Statistics), M.Sc. (Statistics), B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Exp : 4.5 years
Subjects : Mathematics, Statistics
Aditya Gupta

Prof. Aditya Gupta

Qualification : M.J., B.Sc. (Electronic Media)
Exp : 2.5 years
Subject : Video Production
Akanksha Joshi

Prof. Akanksha Joshi

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Computer Science), MCA, B.Sc. (Computer Science)
Exp : 8 years
Subjects : IT, MIS, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, Desktop Publishing, PC Software

Prof. Akanksha Somani

Qualification : M.A.C.J. , B.M.M.
Exp : 5 Years
Subjects : Creative Writing, History of Media
Arvind Chouhan

Prof. Arvind Chouhan

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Mgt), MBA (Finance), M.Com, B.Com.
Exp : 6 years
Subjects : Finacial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Income Tax, Financial Management

Prof. Ashok Vyas

Qualification : MCA, B.Sc. (Electronics)
Exp : 10 years
Subjects : Database Management System, Internet and E-Commerce, Desktop Publication and Multimedia, Information Technology
Astha Arora

Prof. Astha Arora

Qualification : MBA (Mktg, HR), B.Com.
Exp : 6 years
Subjects : Entrepreneurship, Customer Relationship Management, Business Environment, Sales and Distribution Management, Marketing of Services

Prof. Hitesh Kukreja

Qualification : NET (Mgt), Pursuing Ph.D. (Mgt), CA Final, MBA (Finance), BBA
Exp : 8 years
Subjects : Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business Maths
Manoj Jain

Prof. Manoj Jain

Qualification : CS, LLB (Hons.), B.Com.
Exp : 16 years
Subjects : Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business Maths
Neha Chittoda

Prof. Neha Chittoda

Qualification : MBA (Finance, HR), B.Com.
Exp : 3 years
Subjects : Marketing Management, Retail Management, Advertising, Personal Selling, Business Organization and Communication, Consumer Behaviour
Radhika Singh Niranjan

Prof. Radhika Singh Niranjan

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Mgt), MBA (Finance), M.Com., B.Com.
Exp : 6 years
Subjects : Financial Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Economics
Ragini Dixit

Prof. Ragini Dixit

Qualification : Pursuing Ph.D. (Mass Comm.), MAMC, MBA (HR), B.Com.
Exp : 12 years
Subjects : Hindi, Economic Development and Planning in India, Audio Visual Media, Indian Constitution and Media Law
Rajesh Demla

Prof. Rajesh Demla

Qualification : M.Com., B.Com.
Exp : 10 years
Subjects :  Income Tax, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, GST, Financial Management

Prof. Sandeep Khanuja

Qualification : NET (Mgt), MBA (Finance), BBA
Exp : 10 years
Subjects : Principles of Management, Managerial Skills, Working Capital Management
Sanjana Kohli

Prof. Sanjana Kohli

Qualification : LLM, LLB, B.Sc.
Exp : 1 year
Subjects : Business Law, Public Finance,Business Organization and Business Communication

Prof. Sanskar Sharma

Qualification : MBA
Exp : 12 years
Subjects : Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management

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