Estrade Club of Dramatics : Learn to get your ‘act’ together!

i. Concept : Dramatics and Theatre is not just any activity, for the actors, it is like living an altogether new life in the form of their characters. Theatrical activities transform both the performers and spectators and take them to a world, where each one of them becomes a part of it. The club has the sole purpose to motivate and encourage the students to pursue their acting and directing talents, so that they get more confidence and learn about the stage presence.

ii. Accomplishments : This club is highly active and effective, and most of the time, with its home productions, is the talk of town. So far the club has staged the following plays :

  1. Naagmandal – GirishKarnad
  2. Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  3. Mritunjay – Shivaji Savant
  4. Mac Beth – Shakespeare
  5. YugSangharsh – Renaissance Production
  6. World War – Renaissance Production
  7. The Last Lecture – Renaissance Production
  8. Sheheryaar – Renaissance Production
  9. Mukhtalif – Renaissance Production
  10. Mahasamar – Renaissance Production
  11. Chuhal – Renaissance Production

iii. Aspirations : We plan to work more on different subjects and to come out with some social awakening causes. Indore will soon be the spectator of our next play.

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