Activities at RCCM

Fresher’s Party

Renaissance believes that a warm welcome is all one needs to feel at home. Going by this notion, we at Renaissance make sure that our new bunch of students, are welcomed and recognized through a grand Fresher’s Party. This party gives the platform to the students to gel along with not only their batch mates but also with their seniors and teachers. They are selected and invited on the stage to showcase their talent, so that they are appreciated and rewarded.


Reflection of institute’s ideology of pursuing creativity and passion, Indradhanush is the central India’s biggest management fest of Renaissance Indira group of institutions, where one finds the real VIBGYOR spread over the campus.Indradhanush is an amalgamation of events including glass and platter competition of cooking, Mask-o-logy competition of face painting, selfie mania competition of innovative group picture, celluloid passion competition…

Annual Function

We have so far shared about our faith in the character building through parallel education and allied facets. The annual function of our college is also a reflection of our philosophy.We try using all interaction points with students as nodes to instill values in them. Because we want that, wherever they go after us, the mien of Renaissance should be well read in their actions and deeds.


The graduation of the students is a landmark in their careers as it marks the end of a journey along with the beginning of new one. As we let go of our little butterflies out into the world, we stop and take a moment to make them realise how special their journey with us has been. Convocation day is celebrated every year at Renaissance, wherein the final year students in the presence of their parents bid adieu to the institute…


Each student is unique and special. One might be good in academics, or might be good at time management or might be a great social worker, but each one of them holds a special place in the theatrics of this universe. Convinced with this thought, the institute organizes an annual multi-level event named Ambassadors of Renaissance. In this event, lasting up to 10 days, the students are taught various life lessons, social lessons as well as work lessons…


Renaissance believes that the road to the overall development of students involves academic passages along with various tunnels for extracurricular activities. A blend of sports and cultural events act as a bridge in the course of preparing the students for all-inclusive excellence…

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