Hitch-hikers Club of Travelling

Hitch-hikers Club of Travelling : Inspire your imagination to match your wanderlust self

i. Concept : Man cannot be confined in the four walls of a home, because there one gets locked in limits. Travelling breaks those boundaries. Not only you see new places and new destinations; you actually end up seeing a new you. Travelling opens you up. It spices up your life with new adventures of new places, different foods, different soils, different people. With its endless scope and learning, travelling has a strong gravitational force within. It pulls. One certainly cannot resist the call.

ii. Accomplishments : The hitchhiker’s club of Renaissance is an assortment of such travel oriented people, who come together and share their travel experiences. It is an assortment of people who are adventurous and apart from the zeal to learn, have the desire to meet the unknown, and explore it. Students get together and share their travel experiences. This not only enriches them but also helps them to view a place from someone else’s eyes.

iii. Aspirations : We plan to organise more workshops on hows and whats of travel, so that the explorer in our students get the right path to follow.

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