George Rodger Club of Photography

George Rodger Club of Photography : For those who ‘focus’ on what matters

i. Concept : Well Photographers are very different mortals. They recreate the creation. They create that third dimension, by bringing out the unseen in a given scene. That’s the magic of good photography. Playing on Science, the theory of light, knowing the angles, targeting the topographical nicks, catching all dimensions, seeing the unseen and catching the instances at the instance itself is all what is expected from a good photographer. With the advent of new techniques and the latest software in this field, through the editing end results have improved.But the human touch is always supreme, and that is why in photography they say, the man behind the camera is more important than his works. Thought behind the club is exactly the same, creating and developing such magical mortals.

ii. Accomplishments : Photography needs minute observations, right targets and a lot more, it is just not a hobby, rather it needs guidance always, even to develop it as a hobby and therefore in the club, we keep calling good photographers and organize workshops regularly. This year a session was conducted by Mr. Akhil Hardia, who is a renowned photographer.

We give the students hands-on- practice on the latest DSLR cameras and allow them to play with shuttle speed light machines, lenses and apertures. Through the club and its activities we teach them to play with the technology to slice their own interest and tell them the click for their best clicks.

The club is also very happening as the students go on outdoor photo shoots and in one of the recent exhibition cum auction at Hotel Radisson, Indore, facilitated by Renaissance, gave them the portal to exhibit their works. The exhibition was highly appreciated and got laurels and fame to the photographers along with pecuniary earns.

iii. Aspirations : The club is planning for some outdoor shoots in times to come along with couple of workshops by established photographers in the coming months.

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