Each student is unique and special. One might be good in academics, or might be good at time management or might be a great social worker, but each one of them holds a special place in the theatrics of this universe. Convinced with this thought, the institute organises an annual multi-level event named Ambassadors of Renaissance.

In this event, lasting up to 10 days, the students are taught various life lessons, social lessons as well as work lessons. Present day insights are discussed with the students through sessions taken by the guest trainers, who are stalwarts in their own fields. Special sessions are taken by our very own, Swapnil Sir, which are enriching as well as lucrative for the students.

During these sessions, an array of activities and tasks are assigned to the students. The performance in these time adhering activities determines the further selection of the students for the next level. Handful of students are selected for the final day of the event, wherein another few rounds give us the Ambassadors of Renaissance, who are the real representatives of the institute. The students securing first position are awarded with an all-expense paid, Dubai trip, while the students securing second position are awarded with a Mumbai Trip.

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