We have so far shared about our faith in the character building through parallel education and allied facets. The annual function of our college is also a reflection of our philosophy.

We try using all interaction points with students as nodes to instill values in them. Because we want that, wherever they go after us, the mien of Renaissance should be well read in their actions and deeds.

Our annual function is also one such node. Annual function at Renaissance is not just a group dance event. It is an event wherein, all the four houses of our college namely Akash, Jal, Prithvi and Vayu, prepare one dance drama each. These dance drama are based on one or the other theme. These themes not only add thoughtfulness, but also motivate the students to research the topic and hence adds value in the process.

Over the period of years, students have got to experience and learn about different themes. These themes included Indian Mythology, Colors- Red, Black, White, Pink, Values – Inspiration, Compassion, Wisdom, Courage, 8 emotions of life etc. The messages from each theme flow in the air, and when portrayed on the stage, mesmerize everyone. The dance performances thereby are not just heart touching and leave an imprint on the minds of its audiences.

Annual Function 2020, was called Orphic, and was themed on ancient mythologies of the world. The houses were allotted one country each i.e. India, China, Egypt and Greece. The performances were based on mythologies of these countries. The performances were not only colourful but also enriching in terms of the stories from each country. The grandness of the event was mesmerizing and by the end of it, the students became more aware about such long forgotten mythological stories.

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