Reflection of institute’s ideology of pursuing creativity and passion, Indradhanush is the central India’s biggest management fest of Renaissance Indira group of institutions, where one finds the real VIBGYOR spread over the campus.

Indradhanush is an amalgamation of events including glass and platter competition of cooking, Mask-o-logy competition of face painting, selfie mania competition of innovative group picture, celluloid passion competition of short film making, inner monologue competition of word painting, Tabloid competition of frame making, Cultural walk, Theatrical paladin competition of mono acting, group dance competition and impromptu competition of extempore.

This annual event gives a platform to each and every student, no matter what their skill or talent is. Students participate in this competition stream wise and hence learn the values of team work and giving their best shot for their team. We call it a management fest because it involves all the aspects of management i.e. planning, Organising, Staffing etc. The event is marked by presence of celebrities who further brighten up the spirits of the students.

This year’s Indradhanush was marked by the presence of celebrities such as AparshaktiKhurana and KritiKharbanda and the winning team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000/-. Such is the grandeur of this event.

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