Renaissance believes that the road to the overall development of students involves academic passages along with various tunnels for extracurricular activities. A blend of sports and cultural events act as a bridge in the course of preparing the students for all-inclusive excellence.

Thus, the institute conducts a monthly Sports and Cultural event known as ‘Scaffold’. As the name suggests, this event provides a ‘platform’ for nourishing the exceptional talents and passion of students in synchronization with their academics. In this, the four houses i.e. Akash, Jal, Prithvi and Vayu compete to win the month’s Scaffold title.

This event motivates the students to pragmatically learn the skills of team spirit, leadership, management & coordination, decision making, creativity, innovation and much more. Through this event, students grow and are enriched multi dimensional.

This year sports of Box Cricket, Volleyball and Table Tennis were a part of Scaffold. Card making, Dancing, Singing and Debate competitions were the cultural activities covered under the umbrella of this year’s Scaffold.

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